WHO IS SELJA? Disturbing Death Threats Against BTS Jimin On Twitter. The Girl In Alleged Selja Photo Identified.

At an alarming rate rumors spread all over Twitter and Instagram about multiple disturbing death threats against BTS Jimin.

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BTS fans from different parts of the world are freaking out. Using the hashtag #ArmywillprotectJimin, they send regards to K-Pop group and do everything they can against the Alleged “Idol Killer”.

Who is Selja?Death Threats Against BTS Jimin

Under the username @Selja_Helllover via Twitter, several disturbing tweets were sent threatening Jimin’s life. Selja along with some other users were claiming to prepare to shoot Jimin during a concert on April 1st. Sick April’s fool joke or the real deal?

BTS fans had to make an action plan to prevent the user from threatening and actually fulfilling those death threats against the idol. ARMYs were reporting the issue and hater accounts to officials tirelessly.

Hater’s account, originally, was under the username @AinsleyPaisley before the owner changed it to @Selja_Helllover. Being constantly reported by ARMYs, Selja’s accounts were deleted after which she? made several new ones. All the other user accounts were shut down after being reported too.

Following images shown below are few statements whereas threats have been posted by Selja via Twitter and re-posted by many Instagram users.

Disturbing Death Threats To BTS Jimin On Twitter.Death Threats Against BTS Jimin


These screenshots were also circulating on Twitter of Selja plotting to spread rumors about BTS membersDeath Threats Against BTS Jimin

Another user @AntiBTSAnti was also spreading disturbing threats and mentioning Selja, but relation between the two wasn’t confirmed. Said user posted images of guns on Twitter.

Later, picture of those pistols were confirmed to be taken from a random french blog. However, some netizens pointed out that Selja’s account had France listed as a country on her Twitter, which made some think they could be related or the same person.


Death Threats Against BTS Jimin.Death Threats Against BTS Jimin
Selja herself claimed to be from Wisconsin in one of her old tweets

Selja was also accused of being responsible for several other incidents involving K-Pop artist’s life being endangered. Such as death of EunB (Ladies’ Code) in a car accident and Himchan (B.A.P.) being poisoned right before a live performance on stage and few other K-Pop idols. Majority of those rumors are considered to be false.

Death Threats Against BTS Jimin
Selja’s name was claimed to be identified as “Kim Yeoshin”, who poisoned B.A.P Himchan, by some unknown netizens, but there is no confirmation of her real identity. However, some Instagram and Twitter users spread an image of a girl who is allegedly Selja under the tag of #selja:

Selja was laughing at that rumor, which honestly is too crazy to believe.

Death Threats Against BTS Jimin

The picture was going viral all over the social media and after some time netizens were able to identify the “alleged Selja image”. Turned out that it has nothing to do with Selja and that someone just took a screenshot from an old video of a YouTube Vlogger Sherry (@DoublySS). Sherry stated in the comments on her YT channel, that she is not responsible or affiliated to the rotating threats to BTS Jimin or to Selja and is, in fact, a big fan of BTS who met them at a venue previously and made several fan reaction videos to BTS.

The Girl In Alleged Selja Photo Identified.
Death Threats Against BTS Jimin

It is not clear how all of those people spreading false rumors and hate are affiliated with each other. Whether those are just random haters trying to ride Selja’s “fame” or it is a group of people working together and sending death threats against BTS Jimin to create mass hysteria among BTS fans.

Police and all of the venue staff were already notified about the issue and confirmed to be taking actions. There is a possibility of upcoming concerts being cancelled for security measures.

BigHit Entertainment responded to death threats against BTS Jimin. BTS agency believes it’s just a joke from an anti fan, but they are preparing in case of unpredictable situation by strengthening security with police.

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