5 Korean Male Celebrities Fulfilling Fan’s 3 Most Popular Requests Through SNS

Today we will show you 5 Korean male celebrities that are already as it is considered really “cute” by many of their fans. Whether because of their bubbly faces or the most adorable child-like smiles.

But the focus will be on some things, fans want to see them do the most every time they get to interact with their favorite Korean idols and actors.

As known, fans love it when their favorite celebrities express love for them in all sorts of ways. Be it through “aegyo” (acting cute), handwritten letters posted on their SNS accounts, adorable fan-meeting interactions or some small simple gestures that don’t require much struggle, yet still earn admiration from fans and they keep asking for more and more every time.

During nearly every personal live stream, celebrities get asked to do these 3 gestures most frequently. And even though majority of the times, famous ones proceed to comply vigorously, nobody ever seems to get tired to ask for more.

So what are those exactly?

Surely anyone who ever watched any interactive live broadcast of any Korean star has seen those.

1. Wink
2. Kiss
3. Heart

Often expressed in romanization and mix of Korean and English by international fans.

Who hasn’t heard something like “Oppa, ppoppo/kisu(kisseu) juseyo!” “Or Hatu (Hearteu) juseyo!” “Or Winku juseyo!” typed by excited international fans, trying to get recognized by their bias, for example, on good old Naver V App?

Seeing the popular demand we made a list of 5 Korean male celebrities, who prepared plenty of those, in case someone can’t wait for another live stream.

 1. Nam JooHyuk

#내일도 #후아유한대

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“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” star Shining bright like a diamond.

#looktiquekorea #사진가져오기 ㅋㅋㅋ

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Cute compilation of winks left by a model and actor on his Instagram account.


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What a sweet short video of Joohyuk energetically sending air-kisses to his fans.

As of now Joohyuk failed to provide a “Hearteu” on his own Instagram, but his fan accounts captured it for us.

Be sure to demand it from Joohyuk.

2. Kim Minjae


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Looks like some lucky fan got a signed “Winkeu” from actor and rapper Minjae, also knows by the stage name Real.be.


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Is it a “Kisseu” or “ooh” as caption implies you choose to believe whichever you prefer.

쇼! 음악중심 새로운 MC~ 많이 사랑해주세요?

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Former co-hosts of “Show! Music Core” Kim Minjae and Kim Saeron sending hearts to fans.

3. EXO Byun Baekhyun


Baekhyun is loved by his fans for his unstoppable “aegyo”. 

Halloween ? #KAI #BAEKHYUN

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Both Handsome and cute Kai and winking Baekhyun.

안녕? 잘지내? 어디야? 밥은? 나보고싶어? 나도보고싶다 #에리

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Fans are really happy that Baekhyun cares about them so much. Caption is greeting his group’s EXO fandom “Exo L”,  asking how have they been, have they eaten and did they miss him… And he says, he misses them too.

EXO-L ! 우리에리들 4주년 축하해요 ! EXO-L이란 이름이 지어진지 4주년은 아니지만, 몇 년을 아무 이름 없이 그냥 우리팬여러분 , EXO팬여러분 이라 불리우던 그 시절도 더해버립시다 ! 왜냐하면, 너무 이쁘고 소중하고 특별한 이름을 지어주기 위해 고민을 하던 시간이고 , 그 시간, 그 순간에도 우리는 하나였으니까 !! 4주년이나 다른없지요! (나는 그렇게 생각해요..) 하하하하하 아무튼 다시 한번 에리들 4주년 축하합니다!!!!!! 오늘은 EXO가 축하받아야 하는 날 이라고 다들 생각하겠지만 오늘은 에리의 날 ! 맛있는 거 많이 먹고 오늘도 행복한 하루가 되길 기도하고 잘게요^^ 너무 늦게 올려서 미안해요 .. 사랑해요 ! 안뇨웅 !

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A Heart for EXO L.

4. BTS Jin

Kim Seokjin isn’t really a man of “Winkeus”. Even Google search failed to provide anything relevant. But luckily BTS fandom “Army” never fails to deliver and this fan account had some things to offer.

대상 고마워요 늘 행복하세요 아미

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대상 고마워요 늘 행복하세요 아미

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Even though Jin isn’t a man of “Winkeus”, he substitutes for it with “Ppoppo-ing” his fans through SNS non-stop! 
In fact, there are so many pictures of Jin blowing kisses to fans, that if someone gave out a dollar, for every picture of Jin blowing a kiss, it would be more than enough to buy a BTS concert ticket with that money. Possibly even a VIP one.


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Even hearts come with kisses.


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Jin’s fans must feel truly appreciated. No wonder BTS has such a following.

5. Cross Gene Shin Wonho

#NII #크로스진 #SHIN @cg__shinwonho

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This guy is a solid “Winkeu”-“Kisseu”-“Hearteu” champion. He does it all and A LOT!
Thanks to this fan Instagram account for sharing.


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In all combinations.

Adding various other elements to his gesture game.

On top of having that bubbly baby face and adorable child-like smile.

Solid evidence of Cross Gene member and “Legend Of The Blue Sea” star Shin Wonho being a gesture king.
Here you have all together. A double wink, air-kiss and a heart hand gesture. 


Which among these 5 Korean Male Celebrities do you think is a champion of gesture game?


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