Rapper Wale Confirms Collaboration With BTS

Rapper Wale confirms collaboration with BTS through his Instagram account.

On March 4th rapper Wale posted a picture on his Instagram saying he’s about to meet BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka Rapmonster.

rapper wale confirms collaboration with BTS

Interaction between the two first started after a fan sent Rapmonster’s cover of “Illest Bitch” to Wale in October 2016th
Rapper apparently enjoyed a cover of his song and tweeted about a possible collaboration project with BTS.

Rapper Wale confirms collaboration with BTS

Later in December, rapper posted a track called “Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle)” on his SoundCloud  that included a shout out to BTS.

Listen to Wale’s track here

Rap Monster responded with a shout out to Wale through BTS Twitter account.
Now almost after a half a year Wale has arrived to Seoul to fulfill the plans and fans are really excited about the news.

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