[Poll] The Battle Of Visual Kings Result Announcement

The Battle Of Visual Kings

The Battle Of Visual Kings

The Battle Of Visual Kings Result Announcement

Once again, another poll has ended. Everyone voted for their favorite nominees. And here you will find the results for The Battle Of Visual Kings.

You can still vote for BEST VOCALIST on our Facebook Page till July 15th.

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Which K-Pop idol is the most handsome among K-Pop boy group visuals according to KimchiSlap followers?

The result from last to first place:

Surprisingly, YG guys both landed last places.

#14 Winner Jinwoo
#13 Bigbang T.O.P

This time around B.A.P BABYz weren’t as active in supporting their Himchan, thus he scored 12th in the ranking…

#12 B.A.P Himchan

Cutie Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO managed to surpass some of the veterans and got 11th place, which isn’t bad at all for a rookie idol.

#11 ASTRO Eunwoo

Shawols decided to sleep on the contest as well, leaving Minho at number 10

#10 Shinee Minho

Strarlights weren’t giving up even due to the small percentage of them on our page and scored 9th place for Hongbin.

#9 Vixx Hongbin

NCT Taeyong along with his group members have been gaining lots of attention these days, gaining more fans all over the world and on our website as well. This time, NCT Taeyong scored 8th place in The Battle Of Visual Kings. Not bad at all for a rookie visual.

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#8 NCT Taeyong

Handsome Boyfriend twins landed in a lucky seventh place ahead of a rumored comeback this year.

#7 BOYFRIEND Youngmin & Kwangmin

Here’s where it starts getting more and more surprising. To think groups with larger following would have the most votes. Aghases have worked hard and got Mark of GOT7 6th place in our poll.

#6 GOT7 Mark

This idol known to be voted as the most handsome by idols themselves has earned 5th place in The Battle Of Visual Kings. Inspirit, good job!


The last idol before the TOP 3 are revealed, who has scored a 4th place, surpassing many other handsome guys is non other than…

#4 EXO Kai

And finally the TOP 3 will have many fans shocked, there’s no doubt. But whichever fandom works hardest…

#3 BTS Jin

To a big surprise Mr. Worldwide Handsome came to the finish line at 3rd place. Still good job ARMYs and don’t be sad, because there’s always next time.

Now who are the surprising runner up and winner?


Carats have worked tirelessly and scored a second place for Mingyu of SEVENTEEN. Congrats, Mingyu and Carats! This shows how SEVENTEEN keeps growing in popularity around the globe and finally starts getting appreciated enough.

And Finally the Real King of The Battle Of Visual Kings!

#1 B1A4 Gongchan

The Battle Of Visual Kings

The power of BANAs has lead their king to glory this time! Many might be surprised about this turn out of events, but there’s no surprise, really. Not only Gongchan is known for his elegant handsome looks but for his angel-like personality and musical talents as well.

Congratulations to the winner!

Vote for the BEST VOCALIST till July 15th and decide the destiny of your favorite vocalist!

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