PUMA Released Special Edition BTS Court Star Shoes

PUMA Released Special Edition BTS Court Star Shoes

PUMA Released Special Edition BTS Court Star Shoes

PUMA Released Special Edition BTS Court Star Shoes As A Collaboration

Recently, Puma released their latest collaboration with BTS 방탄소년단 (Also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene). It featured special edition shoes called PUMA X BTS COURT STAR.

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The shoes come in white and features BTS’s debut date (June 13, 2013) alongside the Puma logo. The shoes have special designs, which the members created themselves and is featured on the heel and inside the shoe.

The ARMY’s expressed their excitement on Social Media for the latest Puma release

“I need these shoes”

“BTS feed us ARMY’s so well”

Puma released new CF for PUMA X BTS COURT STAR

PUMA Released Special Edition BTS Court Star Shoes 

The CF features BTS all creating their own design for their special edition shoes.

First of all, the opening for the CF is quite bright with only Suga appearing, he appears to be in a printing studio and finds a blue print of the new BTS special design.

We see each member getting involved in the making of the special design for the shoes, J-Hope is appearing to paint the symbol and V is printing the special design on to a banner.

Finally, BTS come together to create a banner, that has all their special deigns, which they created themselves throughout the CF in different ways.

The shoe will feature special edition photo cards of all the members and will only be sold in Korea or on the PUMA Korea website.


BTS continue to grow their Puma success

BTS have collaborated with Puma on many occasions, in 2015 the group helped promote the Blaze Puma shoes, which proved to be a great success and lead them to signing a new deal in 2016.

2016 was a very successful year for BTS as their growing popularity helped them promote Puma Bog Sock with short CF clips. BTS and Puma received a lot of attention for this collaboration, as well.

Of course, Puma has seen an increase in profits because of their successful collaboration with BTS.

PUMA X BTS COURT STAR prove to be a huge success

The PUMA X BTS COURT STAR shoes sold out within hours of release, showing the popularity of BTS has grown within 3 years. Obviously, many ARMY’s have requested for Puma to restock the special edition shoes.

In addition, BTS became the new faces for VT Cosmetics. Previously, they released a sun care range with the company, which proved to be a big success and will launch products to reflect the emotions and trends of BTS.

We wish BTS all the success for their future comeback and look forward to their new products.

What’s your opinion on the new BTS special edition Puma shoes?

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