Jung Yonghwa fans celebrate his 30th birthday with several huge projects around the world

Jung Yonghwa fans celebrate his 30th birthday

Jung Yonghwa fans celebrate his 30th birthday

by @purpleinyreyes

CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa recently celebrated his thirtieth birthday (in Korean reckoning) on June 22, 2018 and though he may be in the middle of his military service in South Korea, his fans around the world commemorated his special day in style. As proof of Yonghwa’s massive international popularity, in order to show how much they miss him fans organized a huge number of projects in honor of this important milestone. These included billboards, charity projects, and an online hashtag campaign that trended for more than thirty hours in South Korea beginning at midnight KST on his birthday.

Here are a few highlights of the many projects from his fans

From smaller to bigger projects, fans didn’t lack creativity, like this salt painting of Yonghwa.

There were several large-scale projects organized by Yonghwa’s Chinese fans. YongHwaWeibar and JungYonghwaDLChina sponsored a group of huge month-long video billboards at Yongsan CGV cinema.

Those two groups also sponsored an LED ad at Yongsan station.

And donated a multimedia classroom, two music classrooms, and a year’s tuition for three hearing-impaired students, as well as KRW2 million to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

JYHMipuChina supported a week long electronic display on dozens of pillars at Gangnam Station as well as a donation of 520 trees and 622 meals to needy children in China.

Other Chinese fans sponsored ads in 148 CGV cinemas in Korea, at approximately 600 self-ticketing machines that played two photographs and a 30-second video on each kiosk.

Japan fans organized a joint birthday project for Yonghwa and CNBLUE guitarist Lee Jonghyun that included digital billboards in Seoul subway stations.

Thai fan group @cnboicethailand sponsored an electronic billboard at MBK Center in Bangkok.

Yonghwa’s international fans also won week long birthday ads from Click! Starwars by reaching a goal of 600,000 stars on the website. These ads ran at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo and Seoul Subway Station, as well as outdoor ads in the Hongdae entertainment district in Seoul and trailers running before screenings at CGV Cinemas.

Possibly the most impressive was a six-part project organized by Yonghwa fansite jyhsketchbook.com and supported by international fans. The project included

  • a month-long billboard in Hyehwa subway station in Seoul’s arts and theater district

  • electronic advertisements in eighty-nine 24-hour convenience stores (Yonghwa was born in 1989)

  • an outdoor LED billboard on the top of a building outside of Gangnam Station and the distribution of free custom-designed transparent hand fans at Yonghwa’s photo exhibit

  • a charity donation of musical instruments, art supplies, a cd player, and copies of Yonghwa’s cds to a school for deaf children in Hebei Province, China.

  • a gift of supplies and treats for Yonghwa and his squadron in the special forces

The final part of the project was a massive 100-meter long digital billboard in COEX Mall Underworld Panorama in Seoul.

Fans also organized several charity projects in honor of Yonghwa’s birthday. Thai fans donated two clear air guitars to the Music Sharing program.

Fans in the Philippines organized by @ForeverBluePH sponsored a donation to the House of Dreams orphanage in YongHwa’s name to support nineteen children.

Japan fan group Yonghwa_holic.Japan sponsored box lunches for children at the Children’s Welfare Society in Seoul.

Singapore fans donated SGD622 (in honor of Yonghwa’s birthday) to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Some other Yonghwa birthday projects included:

Union Pay BC card issued a special card in Yonghwa’s honor.

Bus ad from Starpop! app

jhy_bookmark, YongForeverSTU, AllForYong, JYHFocusGroup sponsored vertical electronic billboard at Myeongdong

jhy_bookmark, YongForeverSTU, AllForYong, JYHFocusGroup sponsored stairwell ad at Myeongdong station, Seoul

Coffee cup holders in Seoul cafés for Yonghwa’s and Minhyuk’s birthdays.

Coffee sleeves in Hong Kong cafes.

So although Yonghwa is currently serving in the special forces in South Korea’s army, his fans are still thinking of him and made sure to properly celebrate and commemorate his birthday around the world. Fans are counting down the days until his return on Dec. 4, 2019!

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