TVXQ Yunho and Kyung Soojin To Star In K-Drama Melo Holic

Watch TVXQ Yunho’s new K-Drama Melo Holic teaser here

New TVXQ Yunho K-Drama Melo Holic will make you fall in love this fall

“In November I fall in love”

These were the first words that were said in Melo Holic’s first teaser which features TVXQ U-know Yunho and Kyung Soojin intimately hugging set in a romantic picturesque. Hmm, I wonder if there will be a new Korean drama??

And you guessed it right, folks!

That’s right! There will be an upcoming fantasy-romance drama this November that features the two! And this will be the first drama that Yunho will star in after coming back from military.

Last September 28 was the day wherein OCN revealed that Yunho will be starring in Melo Holic. A Korean drama based on a manhwa with the same name.

K-Drama Melo Holic synopsis:

The plot revolves around a man named Yoo Eunho (he will be played by Jung Yunho). Who apparently has the gift of reading other people’s minds whenever he places his hand on them. One fateful day he meets Han Yerin (played by Kyung Soojin) who speaks whatever is on her mind, but is suffering from split personality disorder.

K-Drama Melo Holic


In addition, Melo Holic released various posters and video teasers that give the viewers an insight how the drama is set.

From the previous teasers, it has been revealed that Melo Holic revolves around college life. Apparently, Yoo Eunho is a “kingka” (someone who is famous) and he majors in psychology. It is revealed further that he turns down women’s advances on him.

“Imagine being intimate with a girl, and knowing everything that goes through her head,” like, “I’m bored.” – Yoo Eun Ho’s reply when asked why he turns down women’s advances.

Furthermore, Melo Holic will premiere on November 1. And it will be available to watch on a mobile app, OKSUSU. Afterwards, it will be released on OCN on November 6, 9PM KST.

Source: Naver, Viki

Are you excited for K-Drama Melo Holic?

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