Teaser 2 For BTS DNA MV Is Released

Watch Teaser 2 For BTS DNA MV here

BTS Releases A Second DNA Music Video Teaser

This September 16, Midnight KST, BTS has dropped a second teaser for their upcoming music video DNA.

Boys are preparing for a comeback with their Love Yourself: Her album on September 18. DNA is the title track for their upcoming album.

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Previously, they have released a first DNA teaser, the day before second. BTS Jungkook was the main lead in the first video.

However, Teaser 2 For BTS DNA MV shows all the members individually. As always, their visuals are stunning. Boys are giving us a glimpse of the upcoming music video. Also, more of the vocal lines are revealed during the second teaser. And of course, more of the whistle sounds, once again done by Jungkook. The whistle sounds are expected to be the key point of their song DNA, which is said to be a dynamic electro-pop song with acoustic guitar sounds. According to reports, DNA will have a whole another vibe and color to it, than any previous BTS releases. We are in for a big surprise, ARMYs.

Of course, ARMYs can not wait for the comeback. Upon the teaser releases, many fans have expressed their feelings. They say, that this is already an obvious bop. Sure, who would expect any less from Bangtan? It’s a given.

More info on BTS upcoming album:

Previously, BTS has already teased us with Love Yourself Posters, Highlight Reel videos, that are said to be a part of mini drama series concept. Later on, BigHit had a countdown on their official website, which was followed by a release of Serendipity trailer. Serendipity is an intro song of the upcoming album and it’s performed by the vocalist Jimin. Previously, the rappers had their spotlight with album intros. Now, Jimin is starting the vocal line era. Later on, BTS also shared L and O concept photos, followed by V and E concept photos. Also, a track list of the album was unveiled to us by Big Hit Entertainment.

Meanwhile, BTS Love Yourself: Her album has sold out on Amazon and Big Hit has provided a new link, where you can still pre-order the upcoming physical copy of the album. Wow, good job, BTS. Not only that this album ranked nr 1 bestseller on Amazon for a log time, now it has also been sold out even prior to it’s release. Worry not, ARMYs. You can pre-order, from a new link. There might be a little delay in delivery, as BigHit has stated, but you will still get your much anticipated copy.

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