Red Velvet Released Rebirth MV for SM Station

Red Velvet Released Rebirth MV

SM Station released a new Red Velvet music video for remake of Jongshin Yoon’s song Rebirth

On August 18, 2017, Korean girl group Red Velvet under SM Entertainment has released a track called Rebirth (환생).

Noteworthy, the track is a remake of Jongshin Yoon’s song.

Rebirth is a medium tempo song, that includes synth elements and retro style beats as well. Furthermore, lyrics of the song portray the exciting and sweet feelings people experience, when they are falling in love.

Red Velvet Rebirth Music Video Review

Music video goes very well with the tempo of the song and the lyrics. As seen, Red Velvet members are at school classroom and are moving in slow motion as light breeze is wavering their hair. Girls all look astonished as if they saw something incredibly nice. Presumably, their first love.

The lighting changes from day to night in the class room, making it appear as if Red Velvet and other girls in the class have lost the track of time upon seeing someone they might fall in love with. Moreover, as a nice trickery and mystery the guy they are allegedly stunned with isn’t shown in the MV and all we are left with is our own imagination. However, this makes the music video more relatable for every girl, that watches it. Since you are free to imagine whoever you want and just relate to the thrilling feeling of falling in love with them.

Obviously, everyone experiences a feeling like this at some points in their lifetime and Red Velvet played the role of all of us. Except, in a very stylish and unique manner. Rebirth music video turned out very creative and colorful, which will be aesthetically pleasing to viewers of all genders and ages too. The song is very nice as well. As always, girls showed their beautiful vocal skills and their shining youthful image. Needless to say, they look simply beautiful in this music video.

After Red Velvet Released Rebirth MV what do you think of it?

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