Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Latest Korean release Between Us MV – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE


by Andhy P. and Nano

Everyone loves rock bands and everyone loves handsome men – that’s a fact. CNBLUE is a Korean rock band from FNC Entertainment that debuted on Jan 14th, 2010. Consisting of four handsome boys – Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin.

CNBLUE stands for CODE NAME BLUE (Burning – Jonghyun, Lovely – Minhyuk, Untouchable – Jungshin, Emotional – Yonghwa).

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On CNBLUE

Media: FNC – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

They were the second band their company debuted, following FTIsland. CNBLUE has been around for more than seven years. They have had huge success both in Korea and Japan, as well as all over Asia (and globally, after their successful world tour in 2013-14) and they are still going strong.

Today, we prepared a list of reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on CNBLUE and here they are:


CNBLUE are well known for producing, composing and writing the lyrics of their songs and some of them are for us, their BOICE. All 4 members are exceptionally talented in variety of fields. Guys play various music instruments and are able to compose the music. They produce majority of their music themselves.

Yonghwa and Jonghyun are mostly responsible for creating hits. Jungshin also wrote several songs.

All of them can sing. Apart from our golden everything – Yonghwa with his exceptional vocal skills of a true rock star of modern days.

Yonghwa sings You Give Love A Bad Name by BON JOVI.

Jonghyun is known for his unique and amazing silky voice.

Jonghyun singing I Love You at King of Masked Singer Show.

However Jungshin and Minhyuk have also captivated the fans with their sweet vocals.

After becoming an MC at M Countdown, Jungshin sings I Want To Fall In Love.
Minhyuk sang several OSTs for his drama “Entertainer”

As if they already didn’t make others feel untalented they keep going for more, because why stop there? Yonghwa has recently revealed learning to play saxophone in addition to all the instruments he has mastered before and there’s a lot.

If you think this is it, wait, there’s more. All of them are good at acting, they played in variety of hit dramas that have made history in K-Drama world and are known and loved by tons of people who don’t even know CNBLUE as a band.

In addition, all the members have many other talents that aren’t related to the show business. Like Kang Minhyuk loves to write poems, makes breathtaking flower arrangements and loves to play golf, which he is getting better and better at. Jonghyun is also a great athlete, he was a national champion in Judo during high school. Also, he practices Taekwondo. Jungshin is good at photography and Yonghwa shares some insane quality paintings and drawings.

They are great dancers. Or are they? Well, to be honest, they try but let’s not ask Minhyuk to dance girl group choreography.

Yonghwa slayed. Also prepare to laugh a lot. – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

The kings of Weekly Idol’s Random Dance. What is going on, really? Click here to watch Weekly Idol Ep.218 씨엔블루 CNBLUE Random Play Dance.

The legend tells that CNBLUE don’t like clubs but they really know how to move. Somebody staph Kang Minhyuk! Click here to watch 140326 Weekly Idol – CNBLUE Dance Battle.


Let’s get to know their “on-stage” side. CNBLUE on stage is another story, but a story that needs to be told.

If you were lucky to witness any of their concerts or shows you might think whether they were born on stage and if music instruments are actually parts of their bodies, because it sure leaves that kind of impression. Their shows are quite an experience for any music lover, be it a K-pop fan or literally anyone.

CNBLUE’s music is so much better live in concert. The rush you feel when the lights turn off and the intro music starts is amazing and it’s something hard to explain in words. Even through your laptop screen you will scream and feel the music and the boys enjoying the moment. You can literally feel that they live for those moments and every note, every move, every sound comes straight from their hearts. The venue is lit every time they step on stage and fans become one with the band, singing along to their songs.

CNBLUE – Wake Up live. – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

CNBLUE is a household name for people of all generations. Often times, you see grandmas in wheelchairs attend their concerts, not only the young fans. And people from different countries fly over just to see them perform live. They’ve built a whole concert culture among their fans. Their venues are always sold out super fast and they performed in the biggest and most famous concert halls across Asia. Their world tours extend to several continents and many countries with fans attending them religiously.

Here is a performance of one of their classics, Wake Up. It’s originally three minutes long but in concert it’s usually much longer than that, sometimes as long as ten or twelve minutes! Let’s laugh with them! Maybe they look serious but they are actually just four dorks in their mid/late twenties.


Let’s get to know their music. They slay as a band and they slay solo. They contributed a lot to the music scene, producing variety of albums in Korean and Japanese, with many songs fully in English. Those include music of different genres for any taste. CNBLUE plays a lot of different sounds from rock to pop to jazz, and lately, EDM.

Yonghwa and Jonghyun each released solo albums that are of very different colors than their music as a band.

Their first Korean mini album, Bluetory, marks the start of their musical journey. The title song from that album, I’m a loner, won their first-ever award only 15 days after their debut, which made them the fastest record champion in music chart, until 2014, when Winner topped it. This was a huge achievement for the band and generally in KPOP history.

Watch CNBLUE’s legendary I’m A Loner MV here – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Their last Korean release, Between Us, is a mix of EDM with rock and pop that features Yonghwa’s strong vocals, Jonghyun’s amazing guitar skills, Jungshin’s bass and Minhyuk’s powerful drumming.

Their last Japan title track, Starting Over, from the album Stay Gold, is pretty different from Between Us. It’s a summer song perfect for camping or just hanging out with friends outside and having a good time.


This year alone their schedule was insane and it’s hard to imagine how humans are able to manage the amount of work these guys do. Thinking of celebrities in general, sometimes you wonder if they have super powers. But CNBLUE really delivers on a whole another level.

Band’s fans were truly blessed this year with their numerous music releases as a band, solo, in Korea and in Japan, dramas, films, variety shows, special events, photoshoots, music show promotions, world tours and the list goes on.

They started off with releasing 7°CN mini album in Korea, then went on to release a Japan single Shake! and continued with a full length Japan album Stay Gold. Moreover Jung Yonghwa released two solo albums. First Korean – Do Disturb mini album and then Japan studio album Summer Calling.

Furthermore, they held many concerts in different cities and countries.

Check out this Twitter thread that summarizes the number of just their major activities since January to November of 2017. Including their drama, film and variety show appearances.


We don’t need to tell you, just look, it’s obvious. They are tall and handsome as hell. With heights starting from 180 to 187cm. The 4 members of this rock band will really rock your world, not only with their amazing music and performances, but with their top-notch visuals, as well. Due to their handsome appearance they were labeled as a Flower boy band upon debut, which is true, but those flowers are with some godly skills and talents, which was the real reason for fans to fall for them deeply.

All of them have modeled for variety of brands, fashion magazines and CFs. Being the tallest member with slim features, their maknae Jungshin walked several fashion runways and he was fabulous.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On CNBLUE

Media: FNC – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Lately maknae been obviously lifting and gained a lot of muscles, which he loves to show on his Instagram and fans are really having it. Other members are known for their perfect toned bodies as well. Minhyuk recently, showed off his 8 pack on a variety show Video Star. And Yonghwa been lifting for a while too.

Needless to say, fans are crazy about them.

Side Note: I know, I know….they’re a visual band. Believe me when I say, if you don’t want your life being ruined, do NOT stan them!


First, we need to talk about CNBLUE going to Japan before their debut. Boys were an indie band back then, performing in small clubs in front of small crowds or on the streets. Shockingly, they even went to jail because of their street performances. Basically, they learned how to play rock music on the streets and in clubs in Japan before coming back to Korea for their debut in 2010.

After being in the scene for almost a decade they are still the same. They never showed any signs of star disease. They were cute little dorks, who love to joke around and play rock back in the days. Now they are cute adult manly dorks who still do the same.

Members are known to lead humble life styles and don’t go bonkers in public. They had almost no scandals throughout all the years of their show-biz careers. Also they’re good seniors to many of their rookie friends and respectful hoobaes to their senior stars. As a result, they keep making friends everywhere they appear due to their natural and friendly personalities. And don’t let their serious faces lie to you! They are cute as hell…well at least they try for us.

Behold, CN-aegyo! – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE


CNBLUE’s fandom is called BOICE (blue+voice) and they have written many songs for BOICE. One of the latest and most-loved fan songs, Manito, is from their last Korean album, 7ºCN. They sang an acoustic version of this song live during the encore of their Between Us Tour, with each member singing and the audience singing along.

Manito English lyrics. – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Kang Minhyuk surprised a lucky fan. He was a guest at Dingo Studios’s “Well Done Again Today” program, where celebs meet fans who work part-time jobs. Minhyuk met a fan who was handing out flyers on the street as a part time job and most people ignored her or even cussed at her. When suddenly, prince charming aka Minhyuk appeared to save the day to much of fan’s amazement. She was shook and hid her face in embarrassment but Minyuk took some of the flyers and helped her out. Then he took her to an amazing paragliding date, where he prepared a surprise for her. The whole thing is just lovely.

Kang Minhyuk surprises a lucky fan

Jungshin and Minhyuk also had series on VLive where they took fans to virtual dates and engaged in various shenanigans together for the great entertainment of happy Boices. They visited different sight seeing spots and popular romantic places. Made candles, coffee and read poems and did fun personality tests with the fans trough those series.

Minhyuk takes fans on a date to Namsan Tower – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Also check out Jungshin’s Vlive Mental King series.

And of course, they always hold different special events for their fans across the globe whenever they visit their countries.


They are the real gentlemen and they are elegant, classy, stylish (however Lee Jonghyun is proclaimed a fashion terrorist by the media and some fans, but personally we dig the simple guy next door image), manly, cute, soft, funny, sexy and natural at the same time. CNBLUE members have many different sides to their personalities, but if you follow them you’d never sense anything fake about them.

They are friendly and opened with people. And aren’t afraid to show their dorky sides, always sharing about the things they like. And sometimes they are total fanboys. Like Yonghwa’s fanboying over Game of Thrones or Stranger Things.

They say what they think and they think what they’re saying. Fans would know the numerous hilarious interactions they had with other celebrities. Like as of recent, Jonghyun proposed to EXO Chanyeol on his Instagram after Chanyeol said he loved Jonghyun and fans found it amusing.

This fun interaction between the two was going viral on sns.

Or his friendship with B.A.P Himchan and their honest jokes about each other. Or Yonghwa telling people to support his hoobae and dongsaeng Kim Samuel, when he debuted. Jungshin’s interactions with Royal Pirates ex member James. And Minhyuk being loved by his label-mate noonas and basically everyone ever.

Yet even when they’re joking they’re polite.

They really are genuinely nice people. How they interact with fans and their celebrity friends or co-workers really shows that. Besides, they are always polite and have great manners. In addition, they are adorable with children and are real animal lovers. These lads are charming and respectful with ladies and older people. The way they treat their family members and fans and pets shows how loving they are. Just check out their personal Instagram accounts, that would be enough to pronounce all 4 of them as full grown parent-approved husband material.


CNBLUE members care deeply about the world and are doing a lot for those in need. They participated in many charity projects since their very debut and used their influence together as a band and individually to help people.

Recently, tvN’s broadcast of “The List 2017” revealed the number of celebrities who contributed the most to the charity. CNBLUE ranked number 3 in the list alongside such celebs as Kim Yuna, IU and Tiger JK.

CNBLUE stretched their helping hands to fans who were affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. They also donated part of their album sales and concert profits to a charity fund in Africa.

One of their most memorable charity projects was building schools for kids in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in Africa. They donated proceeds from their world tour to build the CNBLUE school. And soon after announced building the second school. Not only that they helped build it, but continued to donate their profits from album and concert ticket sales to supply and manage the schools.

Try not to cry, cry a lot. – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Together with Seohyun CNBLUE met children with incurable diseases for Make A Wish foundation.

Their concert “BLUESTORM” in Bangkok was postponed due to flooding but once it finally happened it gathered around 10 thousand fans. Boys put out their stage outfits for auction to gather the money for Thai flooding victims. It was their way to give back to their fans.

Jung Yonghwa volunteered to distribute food and other essential items to more than 500 people in need at BC Card Love Sharing Festival held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

There were countless times when they held auctions of different types to help charity. Like In their 2013 Hong Kong concerts, where 2 seats in the front row were put for auction and proceeds were donated to Orbis for sight and blindness prevention research.

The fantastic 4 also crafted bracelets with their own hands and all the profit from selling those went to charity as well.

They also care about the animals. Minhyuk narrated a documentary about stray cats called “I Am a Cat”. And Jungshin shared advice about adopting animals and responsibilities that come with it.

And the list can go on forever, just google CNBLUE charity and you can spend hours reading about it and get some napkins because you might tear up.


[special thanks to CNBYonghwa_INA for sending these in]

CNBLUE stands out as one of very few Korean rock bands to achieve mainstream popularity in Korea’s music scene, which is dominated by dance pop groups.

Based on statistics by mymusictaste released by Billboard magazine in May of 2016, CNBLUE held 101 concerts since 2013-2016 and they ranked #3 for most KPOP concerts being runner ups of such legends as Super Junior and Bigbang.

Linking Park invited CNBLUE to be an opening act during their Japan concert tour in 2011.

In 2012 CNBLUE held a successful concert in London, attended by 4000 fans from all over Europe.

Moreover, in 2013 they became the first South Korean band to hold a world concert tour. They also held concerts in many Asian countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Moreover, they toured in Australia (2013), USA (2014) and South America – (Mexico, Peru, Chile 2014).

They performed at a variety of music festivals in different countries, aside from their solo concerts and tours. Such as KPOP Festival, KCON in USA for several years, KPOP Festival in Sydney (2011), Music Bank in Chile (2012), Summersonic Festival (2013-2014), Rock-A-Nation week (2012; 2014) in Japan.

Based on Nikkei Style Japan survey, CNBLUE ranked #40 as “2016 most mobilization concert power” with collecting a total of over 187,000 people attending their concerts.

In 2012 their second Major Japan album “Code Name Blue” topped #1 rank in Oricon chart Japan.

On January of 2013, CNBLUE 4th mini album “Re-Blue” topped #1 rank in Billboard World album chart.

Up to 2016, CNBLUE collected a total of 39 trophies/awards in Korean Music shows, such as Music Bank (12), Inkigayo (5), M Countdown (7), Show Champion (7), The Show (4). Plus, Jung Yonghwa has collected 4 trophies solo.


Jung Yonghwa
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On CNBLUE

Cr. FNC – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Emotional leader. He’s CNBLUE principal vocalist, songwriter and producer. He debuted as an actor in 2009 before the band’s official debut in Korean drama YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, which became a huge hit. Aside from his role in the band, Yonghwa debuted as solo artist in 2015 with his album One Fine Day (both in Korea and Japan), which was number one on the worldwide Billboard album chart, and recently made a comeback with Do disturb (in Korea) and Summer Calling (in Japan) albums. He’s a calm person and doesn’t like “hamming out” too much, so if you’re looking for him you can find him either in his personal studio or on his sofa watching American dramas like Game of Thrones or Stranger Things.

YH Twitter
YH Instagram

Lee Jonghyun
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On CNBLUE

Cr. FNC – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Burning guitarist. He’s the second oldest in CNBLUE, and is also a vocalist, songwriter, and producer. He released a solo album in Japan called Sparkling Night in 2016. He’s the “ajusshi” among the team members, loves fishing and reading books, and is the fashion terrorist of the band!

JH Twitter
JH Instagram

Kang Minhyuk
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On CNBLUE

Cr. FNC – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Lovely drummer. Also plays flute. He calls himself Mr. Kanggun and is a cute drummer with the perfect eye-smile. Loved by all noonas he has the perfect boyfriend image and is a generally nice guy, who grew up from an angel-like fluff ball to a very manly and handsome guy. He is part of the maknae line in CNBLUE. He’s an oppa to two cats Chichi and Ttatta and thus the “cat lady” in the band and loves doing flower arrangements and play golf.

MH Twitter
MH Instagram

Lee Jungshin
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On CNBLUE

Cr. FNC – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

Untouchable Bass player. Jungshin is the tallest member but the youngest. This boy spends his days loving his “son”, a sweet and huge golden retriever called Simba, as well as being a photographer along with his (real) big brother Lee Yongshin. He’s CNBLUE’s happy virus.

JS Twitter
JS Instagram

BONUS: Who doesn’t want to ride the same car with 4 handsome boys jamming their own song?

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE

And there are many more Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On CNBLUE, but we’ll stop here for now.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE is nominated in 2 categories for Mnet Asian Music Awards.

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