Netizens Accuse Twice Of Plagiarizing A Song

Netizens Accuse Twice Of Plagiarizing A SongOnce again, there’s an online storm involving K-POP group Twice. Netizens accuse Twice of plagiarizing a song by an American singer, actress and model Hailee Steinfeld. They claim Twice’s song “Someone like me” is a copy of “Starving” by Hailee.

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An online community has stirred up quite the storm about the two songs being too similar. The intro is allegedly almost the same and the development of the melody as well.

Two songs have a very common acoustic guitar arrangement, that’s basically a couple of chords going on repeat. This type of melody development is used widely and there can surely be similarities to many other songs.

There is a one year and four months difference between the releases of both songs. Twice released their EP “Signal” on May 15, 2017 and Hailee’s starving was released on January of last year.

It is difficult to tell if it’s really plagiarism. Twice’s song “Someone like me” was produced by “Design Music” from Norway.  The composer is famous for producing such tracks as Girl’s Generation’s “Genie”, “I Got A Boy” and EXO’s “Wolf”. Since they are a famous composer they should know better about plagiarism.

JYP Entertainment has found this issue worth addressing and decided to reach out to the composer of “Starving”.

“We’re currently checking with the producer of ‘Starving’. We will make an announcement after confirmation.”
– JYP Entertainment announced on May 16.


Let’s compare the two songs here:
“Someone Like Me” by Twice
“Starving” By Hailee Steinfeld


This time netizens really had no chill with accusing Twice of plagiarism. A lot of people also mentioned how the choreography of Twice’s “Signal” has hand moves copied from Lovelyz’s “Wow”.

What are your thought on this issue? Did plagiarism take place or it’s just a coincidence? Of course, Twice has no fault in this situation, since they didn’t compose the song and possibly haven’t even heard Hailee’s work. At this point, we should wait for the follow up announcement on this matter from JYP Entertainment.

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