Nam Taehyun Released Solo Hug Me MV

Nam Taehyun Released Solo Hug Me MVOn May 26, 2017 Ex WINNER member Nam Taehyun released solo Hug Me MV.

The music video is his solo release prior to debut EP, that is set to be released this coming June.

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Nam Taehyun (South Club)’s 1st Single Album [Hug Me] is teasing his fans with a sweet band tune and Nam Taehyun’s soothing voice.

Prior to his departure from K-Pop group WINNER under YG Entertainment, due to health issues, Nam Taehyun already proved himself to fans as a talented artist, singer and song writer.

Hug Me MV really brings out Taehyun’s colors and vibes. You can definitely chill too it when you have that certain mood.

Fans have met his solo MV and song with praise and expressed how they like it online.

“ppl : What are you listening?
me : art”

“This music is so warm. This is his true color. This is the music that he pursue. LET’S SUPPORT SOUTHCLUB YA’ALL”

“We will love and support all of South Club. Thank you for releasing music and thank you for sharing your beautiful voice Nam Taehyun. Please be happy and healthy.”

“love every single detail of this, his voice, sweet but somehow sad, the mv, aesthetically pleasing, the light and sound, just everyting! it’s perfectly done beautifully i can’t even describe. even the fonts and color are nice”

Listen to [M/V] Nam Taehyun(남태현)(South Club) – Hug Me here
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