Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am – Red Hot Summer Single

Watch Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am MV here

K-Pop vocal queens Mamamoo release a new Summer hit Yes I Am

On June 22, 2017, Mamamoo 마마무 returned with their Fifth mini album titled Purple and the title track is called Yes I Am.

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This Comeback is showing more of a comical but sexy vibe. Moonbyul and Solar have both dyed their hair for this comeback. They used bright colours with mostly purple themed props, which matched the album title. Wheein and Hwasa look super fierce and seductive, both showing different sides, such as dorky and sexy, which actually matches the true personalities of Mamamoo.

The reactions from their fandom MooMoo’s were full of excitement and they rushed to post positive reviews.

“Ready for them to slay”
“This comeback will be amazing”
Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am

photo: RBW

Mamamoo finally released their long awaited comeback single “Yes I Am”

The MV was filled with all different vibrant colours with each member representing a theme.

Wheein is seen surrounded by the colour pink and having a Barbie-like character. In one scene we see Barbie dolls all around her meanwhile she poses with a dog.

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am

photo: RBW

Solar is seen working out in a comical way in one shot, but in the other scene she eats everything she can find. This shows women empowerment due to eating what you want and being yourself.

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am

photo: RBW

Hwasa is seen being an office worker during the day, but showing how she is comfortable in her own skin at night. They use the colour red, such as the dress and background, symbolizing sexiness.

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am

photo: RBW

Moonbyul is seen with a luxury yellow sports car, but has the comedy side of life with it turning out to be a toy car. The scene could represent that any goal is possible in life.

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am

photo: RBW

The group went on to reveal the track list on their Fifth Mini album Purple:

1: “Yes I Am” is the albums title track and was wrote by Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa
2: “Finally” was wrote by Moonbyul and a fellow artist Cosmic Girl
3: “Worthless” is a song wrote by Moonbyul herself
4: “Aze Gag” was wrote by Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa. The members all got involved in producing the music as well.
5: “Da Ra Da” is the last song on the album and is sung by Wheein

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Mamamoo also released the MV for Aze Gag, which represents cheesy dad jokes told by older men. The set used for the MV was an office environment and had lots of meme-worthy moments.

Watch Mamamoo Aze Gag MV here

The first hint of a comeback was released by their agency RBW (Rainbow Bridge World), where various codes were posted with the quote “Good news! Want to love again” followed by the hashtag #Mamamoo.

A group teaser image was revealed and the colour purple was connected to the codes within the previous hint. The concept for the teaser images was vibrant colours with the members all in fur coats and high spiked heels.

The Group posted a teaser for the Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am on their Facebook Page. The picture connects to the theme of the album Purple, each member is laced in purple themed outfits from dresses, skirts to suits.

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am

photo: RBW

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am on M Countdown

Recently, on the latest episode of M Countdown, Mamamoo had their comeback stage. They performed Aze Gag and Yes I Am. MooMoo’s presence was felt through strong fan chants during girl group’s performances.

Watch Mamamoo Aze Gag Comeback Stage on M Countdown here
Watch Mamamoo Yes I Am Comeback Stage on M Countdown here

MooMoo’s celebrate Mamamoo’s 3rd anniversary

Mamamoo posted a special question for the fans, where they asked what song they wanted them to perform for their 3rd anniversary. Mr. Ambiguous was chosen due to having the most votes and they ended up doing a completely different style to the original.

Watch Mamamoo 3 Year Anneversary special performance of Mr. Ambiguous here

Mamamoo Comeback Yes I Am or Aze Gag MV? Which do you like more?

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