Loona Reveals Another Member Jinsoul With Singing in the Rain MV

Watch Loona Jinsoul With Singing in the Rain MV here

Loona reveals new member Jinsoul with latest comeback

On June 26 2017, Loona 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) returned with their seventh member Jinsoul with the track Singing in the Rain.

This pre-debut MV is showing a darker Loona. Jinsoul has dyed her hair blonde for this single. They use dark colours with mostly royal blue special effects, which matches Jinsoul’s Loona colour.

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The reactions from fans expressed pure happiness and excitement.

“This group is growing on me”

“Loona keeps getting better and better” 

Jinsoul finally releases pre-debut single Singing in the Rain

First of all, the MV was filled with royal blue and strobe lighting effects.

While, the opening shows Jinsoul appearing alone holding a bag filled with water, which represents her symbol goldfish.

We see Jinsoul surrounded by dancers in a pyramid style. The floor is covered in water symbolizing an underwater feel. Strobe lighting effects are used throughout the choreography.

The MV changes to a grey scale special effect, where Jinsoul is seen trying to handle the goldfish, which has a royal blue special effect.

Jinsoul is seen in a fish tank surrounded by plants hinting at a mermaid. Also, the scene is covered in a sunset pink.

Finally, the song is a contrast of upbeat and a ballad. The chorus has quite an edge, which is very catchy and different due to the instrumentals.

Loona went on to reveal Jinsoul x Kim Lip collaboration track

Moreover, Jinsoul also released the track Love Letter, which featured Loona member Kim Lip. The song features smooth vocals and a catchy chorus and the mix of voices works well with each other. The track will surely be on everyone’s playlist this summer.

Previously, Jinsoul featured in Loona member ViVi’s Everyday I Need You song and MV.

Watch LOONA (이달의 소녀) ViVi (비비) Everyday I Need You Feat. JinSoul MV here

In addition, the single Singing in the Rain charted on the Bugs chart a few hours from release.

Wishing  good luck to Jinsoul With Singing in the Rain MV!

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