Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul

Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul Singing In The Rain

Loona reveals new member Jinsoul for Comeback on June 26th with a song Singing In The Rain

A 30 seconds short teaser clip has been released by Loona, revealing new member Jinsoul’s track Singing in the Rain. In addition we see the use of goldfish, which has become Jinsoul’s symbol. The colour Blue being used throughout the MV teaser, with Jinsoul dressed in a royal Blue dress. The song sounds very upbeat and could quite possibly be very popular, when the full MV is released on June 26th.

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Fans gave the teaser positive reviews.

“Looks so pretty”

“Jinsoul is slaying”

“I can tell it’s going to be lit”

Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul

Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul photo: Blockberry Creative

Loona (Korean name 이달의 소녀) also stylized as (LOOΠΔ) is a pre-debut Korean girl group project under the label Blockberry Creative (블록베리 크리에이티브), a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment.

At the moment, they are revealing members one by one, starting from October 2016, each month. Releasing an album for every new girl individually, which includes a solo track and collaboration songs with previously revealed members. They’re also releasing Music Videos for each member and for some of the collaborations. This will continue until all 12 members are revealed and ready to debut as one group. So far, 7 members have been revealed – Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, ViVi, Kim Lip and Jinsoul.

On June 7th, Loona revealed the new member with a mysterious message on their Instagram account, which wrote: “Between Blue and Black the new girl will be blooming”.

The image posted alongside showed a mystery girl with blonde hair wearing a royal blue dress and also featured the caption “Who’s the next girl?”.

Each member within Loona represents an animal and colour.

The second teaser showed the unknown member dressed in all black, which could hint at a possible darker concept.

Their agency – Block Berry Creative released more images of new member Jinsoul

First of all, Jinsoul is wearing a striped shirt along with shorts, which is highlighted by a royal Blue choker as the main focus.

The caption for the teaser was “A deep and clear truth Loona has found.” 

More teasers were posted on Instagram. This time with Jinsoul in a denim attire alongside a graffiti background. Yet again, the colour Blue is used.

The caption, which was placed below wrote: “Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul,Yeojin, ViVi, Kim Lip and here’s Jinsoul. we are one in the end.”

The group finally released the full version of the first teaser for Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul

Jinsoul is seen in a garden wearing a royal Blue dress. Soon after, Block Berry Creative posted another teaser of the latest member.

The picture features a more casual look with Jinsoul dressed in a Blue hat and a shirt paired with ripped jeans.

The caption read: “The secret hidden in the colors Loona 1/3 has been looking for.” 

Group hinted, that after Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul, there will probably be a collaboration of Jinsoul and Kim Lip.

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A week later, Loona posted an image of Jinsoul and Kim Lip in matching black lace dresses with red lipstick. This might be hinting at a darker MV between members.

The caption wrote: “Jinsoul and Kim Lip, into Eclipse.”

Furthermore, additional teasers were revealed for Jinsoul and Kim Lip, who are both wearing matching royal Blue dresses.

The image was followed by a hint of a new release: “Get thrilled for the hottest rain dropping in June Singing in the Rain.” 

This is the track name featuring a hint at collaboration with Kim Lip.

Recently, Loona posted a full description of Jinsoul’s upcoming release and a picture of Jinsoul and Kim Lip.

We hope Loona Comeback With New Member Jinsoul does really well and can’t wait to see more Loona releases in the future. Stay tuned for an upcoming release and MV review.

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