K-POP Male BEST DANCER Poll Winner Announcement


Kimchislap Poll for K-POP Male BEST DANCER has finally ended! And You can find out the results here!

Many People have voted for their favorite dancers in K-Pop industry! We couldn’t include every group’s best dancer, but don’t be disappointed! Many more polls will come in the future! We’ll try to make same category polls with other K-Pop idols too, so that everyone gets a deserved spotlight! Don’t be sad if your favorite idol didn’t make it this time!

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 K-POP Male BEST DANCER nominees this time were:

BTS – Park Jimin (Date of birth October 13, 1995. Debut year: 2013)

EXO – Kai (Date of birth January 14, 1994. Debut year: 2011)

GOT7 – Kim Yugyeom (Date of birth November 17, 1997. Debut year: 2014)

SHINEE – Lee Taemin (Date of birth July 18, 1993. Debut year: 2008)

NCT – Ten (Date of birth February 27, 1996. Debut year: 2016 )

INFINITE – Hoya (Date of birth March 28, 1991. Debut year: 2010)

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TOP 3 K-POP Male BEST DANCERS according to your votes are:

#1 NCT  Ten (WINNER)

#2 BTS Park Jimin

#3 EXO Kai




Congratulations to TEN of NCT, who got a lot of votes, surpassing others by several thousands of votes!

Check out NCT Ten’s solo music video here
Thanks to everyone, who participated in voting and stay tuned for new polls on our Facebook Page.

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