JYP Entertainment Stray Kids Drop Hellevator MV Prior To Survival Show Premiere

JYP Entertainment Stray Kids Drop Hellevator MV

JYP trainees from upcoming survival show Stray Kids drop Hellevator MV

On October 6, 2017, JYP Entertainment trainees from Stray Kids survival show dropped Hellevator Music Video.

The show is yet to start but JYP trainees are already gathering many fans across the globe. No wonder, after releasing their pre-debut music video it is already clear that these kids are no joke.

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Hellevator MV showcases boys’ many talents. Future rap line is shooting them words at an impressive speed like bullets. And the vocals are also great. In addition, choreography performance in the MV is also at a very high level.

It is almost impossible to believe they are just kids, who haven’t even debuted yet. The vibe is really that of a senior group’s.

JYP Entertainment Stray Kids Drop Hellevator MV

JYP Entertainment Stray Kids Drop Hellevator MV

JYP Entertainment gathered 9 male trainees who will take part in upcoming music survival show Stray Kids. The show is set for a premiere on October 17, at 11PM KST. The show will be aired on Mnet.

Stray Kids Survival Show concept

On September 21, JYP Entertainment revealed the name of the upcoming show and the concept of it. The show will be called Stray Kids and it’s a collaboration with Mnet.

Previously, JYP and Mnet already collaborated to create similar survival shows. It resulted in such groups as 2PM, TWICE and GOT7 being made.

However, this show is different. It has a very unique and innovative concept. Unlike most music survival shows, where trainees have to compete against each other for their right to debut in a final team. Stray Kids‘ concept is to create a team spirit.

Nine trainees will have to compete together against the company so that they can all debut together as one team in the end. They will have to showcase their many talents and help each other’s growth individually and as a team throughout the show.

Also, the name of the show represents idols who have left their homes in order to pursue their dreams. The show is said to be free from normal standards and usual stereotypes. JYP trying to create free spirited idols this time.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the show is already gathering lots of attention.

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