JJ Project VERSE 2 Album Is Out And Slaying Charts

JJ Project VERSE 2 Album

JJ Project VERSE 2 Album is finally released, alongside touching MV for Tomorrow, Today

JYP Entertainment’s iconic duo, JJ Project, that trended five years ago, finally had their comeback!

Compared to jolly mood of their first album BOUNCE, GOT7 leader Lim Jaebeom and vocalist Park Jinyoung shared their emotions and serious side through their second album, VERSE 2.

Music Video for title track Tomorrow, Today, album and the Photo Essay were released 12 PM KST on July 31.

A photo exhibit was also held at 1PM KST. Also, Jinyoung’s father was spotted by a fan visiting the said exhibit.

Their VLive Showcase was done at 8PM in Yes24 Live Hall. Fans all over the world streamed the showcase. Of course, members of GOT7 showed their support by attending the showcase. Mark and Yugyeom were present. Meanwhile, other members – Jackson, who is currently working on his solo album in China, Youngjae, who is in New York for his collaboration and Bambam, who is in Thailand for his TV program, sent their video greetings for the duo.

JJ Project Verse 2 album music chart rankings

After three hours since the album and MV release, JJ Project was leading in Melon search. Including GOT7 releases, which ranked #2, Never Ever #3, Tomorrow, Today #6 and Hard Carry #7. Rank one in Synnara Chart, number 4 in Genie, third in Mnet, 28th in Naver, third in Bugs and 23rd in Olleh. As of 11 PM KST, JJ Project album has sold more than 20,000 copies.

After 12 hours since VERSE 2 album was released, it is already placed first on iTunes in 10 countries. Such as, El Salvador, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

JJ Project fans and iGOT7s are really working hard on streaming the music video. They stream on different websites to show support to the group. The hashtag #JJProject has even trended worldwide on Twitter. In addition, many hashtags were made too. Such as #JJPComeback, #JJProjectComeback, #JJPisback, #VERSE2 and so on. The fans are very grateful to the duo for coming back after five years. They expressed happiness about boys sharing their emotions through this album.

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