JYP Drops GOT7 You Are Lyric Video Teaser Produced By BamBam

GOT7 You Are Lyric Video Teaser Produced By BamBam

GOT7 You Are Lyric Video Teaser

BamBam Produced You Are lyric video for GOT7

On September 28, 2017, JYP Entertainment blessed our ears by dropping a lyric video for GOT7‘s upcoming comeback with You Are title track of 7th mini album 7FOR7. The video is produced by no other than GOT7’s sunshine BamBam. You Are lyric video is giving us a preview snippets of the soulful track to be released.

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The video says it was produced by BamBam, which caused a bit of confusion among netizens and even some media, who misreported about it. Some fans thought BamBam produced the song. But in the album track list it says that JB co-written the lyrics and co-composed the song alongside other producers. So what’s the truth? Actually, BamBam produced the lyric video itself. He is known for his great video editing skills. Previously, he posted self-produced videos of his travels on his personal Instagram account. It was indeed amazing and well done, BamBam.

Now he has impressed us once again by producing this beautiful lyric video teaser. Well done, BamBam, Your skills are so next level. Keep up the good work. And thanks to JYP for letting BamBam’s talent shine. Fans will truly appreciate it!

Meanwhile, BamBam has co-written the lyrics of GOT7’s 7FOR7 album’s 7th track called Face. Members Mark and Jackson also took part in writing the lyrics for the said track.

Watch GOT7 You Are Lyric Video Teaser Produced By BamBam here

Also, GOT7 will be coming back with their 7th mini album 7 FOR 7 on October 10, 2017. They will drop You Are Music Video on the same day, at 12PM KST. One day prior to that they will hold a 7 FOR 7 showcase, on October 9. And the full You Are Lyric video will be released few days after the comeback. Specifically, on October 14.

Stay tuned for more updates about GOT7’s upcoming comeback and give the boys lots of support!

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