GOT7 JB New Instagram Account Is Opened

GOT7 JB New Instagram Account

GOT7 JB New Instagram Account

GOT7’s JB opens a New Instagram Account

On September 20, GOT7’s Jaebum, also known as JB, returned to social media. He opened a new Instagram account. The new account’s username is prdsdef. It is confirmed, that the user is in fact JB. Official JYP Entertainment account followed him right away. Afterwards, JB’s new account also got verified and now has a blue tick mark next to it.

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JB first posted teasers for GOT7’s upcoming comeback with a mini album 7FOR7.

GOT7 JB’s first post on his new Instagram account.


A post shared by Def. (@prdsdef) on

The post is a video teaser of GOT7’s October comeback and the caption says “Soon”.

Back in the day, JB used to have a different Instagram account. He frequently used it to post aesthetic pictures of himself and his cat Nora. As well as update his fans about what’s going on. But later on in May 2015, he deactivated that account without much explanation. Together with his verified Twitter account. As it was reported, he wanted to focus on the group more instead. The account’s old username “defjeffb” has been taken over by someone else ever since. Presumably, the person who took over the old username is not associated with JB or JYP, however. Many fans, who remembered JB’s old username followed the account, thinking JB came back, but it was just a fan account, that posted updates about JB.

Meanwhile, GOT7 will be coming back on October 10. They released a track list for their upcoming comeback. Followed by series of Image Teasers and also a lyric video teaser. Next, individual member teasers will be dropped. Currently, the first individual teaser for JB is released. Later on, MV teaser and an Album Spoiler will drop. The group’s comeback showcase is set for October 9, 2017.

Follow GOT7 JB New Instagram Account and give lots of love and support for the comeback to be.

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