JYP Reveals GOT7 7FOR7 Comeback Teaser Images

GOT7 7FOR7 Comeback Teaser Images

GOT7 7FOR7 Comeback Teaser Images

GOT7 drops teaser images for upcoming comeback with 7FOR7 album

As promised, on September 26, Midnight KST, GOT7 has dropped first group teaser images for their upcoming comeback with 7th mini album 7FOR7.

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Boys look charming in their fashionable street style outfits. Those are casual yet chic and show off GOT7‘s stunning visuals perfectly.

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GOT7 shared their first concept photos, where they came out to the streets for a photo shoot. One concept teaser image is of the squad roaming the streets. On the other hand, second image shows them in a dreamy sunset setting, which goes along with the theme of their upcoming title track You Are, from the 7FOR7 album.

The next day, on September 27, GOT7 continued to tease us with beautiful concept photos. This time the guys divided into small units to show off their manly charisma.

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The first one to drop was JB’s and BamBam’s teaser image. Guys look amazing in heir concept photo.

Next teaser was for GOT7’s Jinyoung and Mark.

Mark is showing off his new fiery hair color in this 7FOR7 teaser image. Meanwhile, both GOT7 members seem to be enjoying a breath of fresh air on a sunny afternoon and look a bit dreamy in their teaser.

Following Jinyoung and Mark, GOT7 members Youngjae, Jackson and maknae Yugyeom continued to build up the suspense with GOT7 7FOR7 Comeback Teaser Images.

Gotta admit, Youngjae especially stands out in his very manly and handsome new look. Meanwhile, Yugyeom is rocking new hair color too. What do you think of his new orange locks? And finally, Jackson, who has recently finished his solo promotions in China with Papillon MV, is looking great as always.

Check out GOT7 comeback schedule and album track list. Also see You Are lyric video teaser, that was produced by BamBam. Moreover, JB, who has recently opened a new Instagram Account, has dropped the first individual member teaser.

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