GFRIEND Comeback 2017 Love Whisper MV Is Out

Watch GFRIEND Comeback 2017 Love Whisper MV here

Kpop sweethearts GFRIEND release Summer mini album Parallel

On August 1, 2017, GFRIEND (여자친구) returned with their fifth mini album titled Parallel and the title track is called Love Whisper.

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This comeback is showing more of a traditional GFRIEND vibe. They used bright summer colours with mostly green themed locations, which matched the summer theme.

The reaction from their fandom Buddy’s were extremely positive

“They’re so pretty”

“The choreography is breathtaking”

GFRIEND Comeback 2017 Love Whisper MV is released

The MV is filled with vibrant locations and features a vintage style train station as well as a field with a huge pond.

GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper


First of all, the opening for the MV is quite bright with GFRIEND appearing to wait at a train station platform, this could represent a new journey beginning for the group.

GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper

GFRIEND is seen in blue two-piece attires, which matches the symbolic colours used throughout the MV and theme.

Later on, the MV changes to Yerin and SinB appearing in the middle of an enchanted forest. Yerin and SinB are both wearing white dress attires, which represents innocence.

GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper

Then, GFRIEND is seen in pale blue dresses surrounded by water. The choreography is clean and sharp, which matches the speed of the song.

GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper


Also, the song is very catchy and has a similar sound to GFriend’s previous song titled Rough.

Meanwhile, the lyrics represent the feeling of liking someone but not having the strength to confess.

GFRIEND Parallel mini album track list:

1:  “Intro (Belief)”

2:  “Love Whisper” (귀를 기울이면)” is the title track for the album.

3:  “Ave Maria” (두 손을 모아)”

4: “One Half” (이분의 일)”

5: “Life Is a Party”

6:  “Red Umbrella” (빨간 우산)”

7: “Falling Asleep Again” (그루잠)”

You can preview and buy GFRIEND Mini Album Parallel on iTunes
GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper

GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper MV and Parallel Mini Album Cover

Previously, the group posted two teasers for Parallel comeback onto their Twitter. While, the first teaser had a girl next door vibe with GFRIEND wearing summer two-piece attires, alongside a garden location.

On the contrary, the second teaser has a dreamy vibe with GFRIEND sitting together, wearing pink two-piece attires and having sad expressions.

GFRIEND held a showcase for Parallel on Naver Vlive App

Furthermore, the group went on to host their own Vlive event for their mini album Parallel. GFRIEND performed songs from the new album, such as Falling Asleep Again and Love Whisper.

GFriend Comeback 2017 Love Whisper VLive Showcase

Of course, Buddy’s made sure to sing along and loud fan chants were heard during Navillera and Finger Tip. The showcase sold out within 30 seconds and proves the popularity GFRIEND has gained.

Recently, it was revealed, that GFRIEND worked alongside Son Sung Deuk for their latest choreography, who’s most known as BTS choreographer and for creating the powerful moves for Fire as well as Not Today.

Lastly, within just few hours of release Love Whisper peaked at #1 on the Genie and Bugs charts and Parallel sold over 2,639 copies on the first day of release. Parallel also peaked at #1 on the Hong Kong and Taiwan iTunes charts.

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