New Golden Couple In Town – FTISLAND Jonghoon Dating gymnast Son Yeonjae

FTISLAND Jonghoon Dating gymnast Son Yeonjae

photo: Dispatch

KPOP veteran FTISLAND Jonghoon dating gymnast Son Yeonjae has been confirmed by FNC Entertainment

Dispatch recently released pictures of Jonghoon and Son Yeon on numerous dates throughout a three month period. The couple are still in the early stages of their new found romance and seem to have grown very close to each other.

FTISLAND Jonghoon dating gymnast Son Yeonjae

photo: Dispatch

Many sources have come forward with personal accounts of seeing the couple in public. One source recalls a time around May 27, which is the day before Son Yeon birthday.

“Jonghoon hosted a surprise birthday party for Son Yeon  he was a caring man gently holding her arm while carrying a bouquet of flowers a very charming man.” 

FTISLAND Jonghoon dating gymnast Son Yeonjae

photo: Dispatch

Seo Yeon  recently visited him on the latest Japan Arena FT Island Tour, where they were seen by one bystander to be openly affectionate with each other in public.

“They walked around the amusement park slow and continued to focus on just themselves while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.” 

The two began dating back in February and both share the same interests in golf and art

FTISLAND Jonghoon Dating gymnast Son Yeonjae

photo: Dispatch

One friend close to the source explains how the couple first met through a group of friends. They explained that the couple hit it off as soon as they met each other.

“Seo Yeon is a big fan of band music and Jonghoon is a massive sports fan they both are into similar tastes and both are bright and funny.” 

Jonghoon is very popular in both Japan and China while Son Yeonjae  is referred to as the Gymnastics Fairy due to her beauty attracting many male fans.

FNC Entertainment confirmed the news on June 14 in a short statement:

“We would like to inform you on the current status of both parties who are in fact currently seeing each other. Both have revealed they have deep feelings and would like the fans to give warmth in this beautiful time.”

Fans from throughout the world couldn’t wait to share this exciting news about the new couple

“She is adorable I hope for a healthly and happy relationship”

“I am very happy for him she is quite young”

” OMG I’m so happy for him congratulations Oppa”

Jonghoon is currently promoting the 10th year anniversary of FT Island with their new album titled Over 10 Years and the main title track Wind.

Son Yeon who has recently retired is looking forward to her second life outside of the gymnastics arena.

Congratulations to the happy couple hope you both live happily together and all the best for the future.

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Source: Dispatch, Nate

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