Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback Continues The Horror Theme

Watch Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback MV here

Kpop group Dreamcatcher returns with a new chapter to their horror concept

On July 27 2017, Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) returned with their first mini album titled Prequel and the title track is called Fly High.

This comeback is showing more of the horror film vibe. They used dark colours with mostly white themed attires, which matched the theme of the MV.

The fans were full of excitement for the return of Dreamcatcher and took to Social Media

“Dream Catcher has indeed delivered an amazing concept”

“Everything about this is perfect”

Dreamcatcher released Fly High MV

The MV was filled with dark gothic colours and featured a haunted manor and dark forest locations.

Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback

First of all, the opening for the MV is quite light with only JiU appearing to stand at a cliff edge and one special effect was used – butterflies appearing to surround the member in a circle shape.

Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback

Then, we see Siyeon lying in a bed covered with trees and flowers. Siyeon is wearing a white night dress, which matches the horror concept.

Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback

Later on, the MV changes to a historic dining room, where Dreamcatcher is sat in a row, facing each other. Dreamcatcher are all wearing white, red and blue two-piece attires. Once the bell rung, the group appears to move in time with each other like they’re under a spell.

Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback

Dreamcatcher is seen in blue two-piece attires and the choreography is sharp. Also, it has a symbolic meaning matching their previous MV’s.

Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback

Meanwhile, the song has a rock style vibe and matches the theme of Dreamcatcher.

Finally, the lyrics representing the feeling of losing someone and the only way to see them is in a dream, which turns into a nightmare.

Dreamcatcher Prequel Mini Album Track List:

1: “Before & After” (Intro)

2: “Fly high” (날아올라) is the title track for the album.

3: Wake Up

4: Sleep-walking

5: It’s Okay! (괜찮아!)

Previously, the group posted two teasers for the Dreamcatcher comeback Fly High. The day version teaser had a summer feeling with vibrant colours and a field location.

On the contrary, the second teaser was a night version and had a darker vibe with Dreamcatcher sitting in a circle surrounded by candles, covered in darkness.

Dreamcatcher Twitter

Dreamcatcher comeback stage on Mnet M Countdown

Recently, on the latest episode of Mnet M Countdown, Dreamcatcher had their comeback stage. They performed Fly High. The fans chanted throughout the entire performance.

Watch Dreamcatcher Fly High Comeback stage here

Furthermore, the group recently got the chance to meet Her Royal Excellency Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura of Thailand, who expressed her interest with the group and even invited them to perform in Thailand.

Lastly, within a few hours of release Dreamcatcher sold over 773 Prequel album copies.

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