Day6 Releases How Can I Say MV. Their Hearts Have Already Left, But Ours Keep Fluttering.

Day6 Releases How Can I Say MV

JYP Entertainment

On March 6th 2017, Korean boy band under JYP Entertainment, Day6 releases How Can I Say MV.

Keeping their promise from earlier this year, Day6 keeps releasing a track on every 6th day of each month.

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As of now they have already released 3 music videos for 3 of their tracks. This year Day6 has been receiving much love from Korean fans as well as international, also slaying some charts. That’s well deserved, because their songs were absolutely amazing. Music, lyrics, performance and visual vise. JYP first boy band is really next level.

This particular release called “How Can I Say” tells a story of a man who’s unable to express, that his feelings have already cooled off, to his significant other and how he’s suffering because of that. Fighting, Day6, you can do it!

Music Video for “How Can I Say” is quite aesthetically pleasing, not that we would expect any less of JYP production team. M/V suits well with the band’s image. It shows boys playing their instruments in kind of retro style changing surroundings. Seems retro is really trendy these days and Day6 are up to date with the current flow.

As always members participated in writing of the song. Young K and Wonpil wrote the lyrics and the music was composed by Jae, Young K, Wonpil and Sungjin along with songwriters Hong Jisang and Min Lee ‘Collapsedone’.

Needless to say vocals are absolutely amazing as each member has his own unique voice tone and color. Probably that is somehow related to change of colors with each member’s appearance in the Music Video. You’re not done being mind-blown by one member’s vocal line, when the other suddenly slays your existence.

As opposed to their previous release “예뻤어 (You Were Beautiful)”, “어떻게 말해 (How Can I say)” is more upbeat and less electronic than this year’s first release “아 왜(I Wait)”. Day6 has something for everyone to enjoy.

Keep following this amazing band’s activities throughout the whole year for more great stuff. They’re totally worth it!

Watch Music Video for “How Can I say (어떻게 말해)” by Day6 here.


Previous release “You Were Beautiful (예뻤어)” M/V

Day6’s first release of 2017th “I Wait (아 왜)” M/V 

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