CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You With A Dreamy Concept

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Kpop girl group CLC return with a dreamy concept for a FREE’SM mini album

On August 3, 2017, CLC (씨엘씨) returned with their sixth mini album titled FREE’SM and the title track is called Where Are You.

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This comeback is showing more of a dreamy feel. They used softer colours with mostly white themed attires, which matched the concept.

Their fandom Cheshires expressed their excitement for CLC’s latest concept

“Song and MV is unique”

“Love it”

“The album is amazing”

CLC Where Are You? Music Video Review

The MV was filled with soft colours and featured a garden location.

First of all, the opening for the MV is quite light with the group appearing to walk in circles around a water fountain and one special effect used – a white tint throughout which matches the theme.

CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You

While, Seunghee and Eubin are seen staring at a figure through a mirror reflection. Both members are wearing white dress attires which connects to the theme, this could represent a one sided love.

CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You

Then, Seunghee appears to stand in front of the water fountain wearing a red dress attire, another special effect was used – Seunghee’s reflection appears to walk away which adds great detail to the MV.

CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You

Later on, the members are seen waiting around in a circle with Seunghee placed in the middle. CLC are all wearing white one piece attires expect for Seunghee.

CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You

Also, CLC is seen in white dress attires and the choreography matches the flow of the MV and the song too.

CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You

Meanwhile, the song has a ballad vibe and is quite catchy.

Finally, the lyrics represent a couple going through a break up and not expressing their emotions.

CLC FREE’SM mini album track list:

1: “Where are You?” (어디야?) is the title track for the album.

2:  “BAE”

3:  “I Like It” (즐겨)”

4: “Call My Name”

5:  “Summer Kiss”

6:  “Hold Your Hand” (잡아줄게)”

Also, You can preview and download CLC FREE’SM 6th Mini Album on iTunes.

Previously, CUBE Entertainment posted two teasers for CLC comeback. While, the first teaser had a feminine concept with the use of red and pink attires.

On the other hand, the second teaser had a summer vibe with the group all wearing white dresses and a forest location.

CLC comeback stage on MNET M Countdown

Recently, on the latest episode of M Countdown, CLC had their comeback stage. They performed Where Are You?.

CLC Comeback 2017 Where Are You M Countdown Performance

Lastly, within a few hours of release CLC peaked at #56 on the Genie chart. FREE’SM sold over 253 copies on the first day of release.

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