BTS Released DNA MV And Love Yourself Her Album

Watch here: BTS Released DNA MV

BTS Drops DNA Music Video And album Love Yourself ‘Her’

Yes, finally it is the time we have all waited for. September 18, 2017, 6 PM KST. BTS has finally unveiled their much anticipated music video for album’s title track DNA. A moment in history has been created yet again for all ARMYs out there. Are you holding your wigs tight?

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As promised, BTS Released DNA MV and BTS album Love Yourself ‘Her’, that consists of nine tracks, plus 2 hidden ones on CD. It’s a bomb! It has been sold out on Amazon prior to its release and Big Hit had to provide another link. It has also ranked number 1 on Amazon album chart for many days. Reportedly, BTS sold over 1,12 million copies even before the release and still counting.

BTS DNA Music Video features all members, who show off their charms. The concept is dynamism and struggles of a man, who falls in love for the first time. The song is a mix of EDM, electro-pop and features fresh whistle sounds and acoustic guitar. The MV is bright and colorful with flashy special effects.

BTS Press Conference About The comeback at Seoul Lotte Hotel

Earlier today, at 2PM KST BTS held a press conference about the comeback at Lotte Hotel Seoul. They have shared many interesting facts about the album and Music Video production, and of course, had their dorky moments joking about each other, as always.

BTS arriving at Press Conference

During their press conference it was revealed, that BTS will continue to work with The Chainsmokers.

Member Suga has jokingly named the choreography key point “gum stuck on my sole”, because they have to sort of twist their feet on the floor.

Then on, hidden track names were also revealed and they are “Skit: Hesitation & Fear” (working title) and “Sea” (working title).

Further, it was revealed, that the whistling was done by specifically members Jungkook and Rapmon. And that Mic Drop was inspired by Obama’s mic drop.

During a press con, Jimin and J-Hope joked, that Suga was the most awkward as an actor in the MV. Meanwhile, Jimin was said to be the member who changed the most since debut. Specifically, he matured and his body has changed quite a bit. Then, Namjoon said that Jungkook is expected to start producing too very soon.

Last but not least, it was revealed, that Namjoon’s BBMAs speech was in fact a spoiler of this comeback. He said, “Love Yourself”, in the end. And turns out, they were working on this album back then already and he was thinking how to drop a hint and he thinks he did well. Rapmon also produced hidden track “Sea” and it was inspired by Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84”.

BTS rap line – Rapmon, Suga and J-Hope have contributed a lot to the album production. They have composed and written the lyrics.

Is your wig intact after BTS Released DNA MV?

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