BTS Comeback Love Yourself Concept Photos V and E Revealed

BTS Comeback Love Yourself Concept Photos

BTS Comeback Love Yourself Concept Photos

BTS drops two other sets of LOVE YOURSELF concept photos called V and E

On September 7, BTS has dropped another set of concept photos for their upcoming comeback in September.

Previously, they have released two sets of concept photos called L and O. Those featured BTS members in different types of scenery. One had a boy in love type of feel to it, with members wearing home attires and portraying longing expressions. Meanwhile the other one had a surreal vibe with members being surrounded with clouds and flowers and sunrise colors.

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The second, V and E sets of images, that were released today have a whole different vibe to it.

In the first one we see BTS members wearing bright and colorful attires and member Suga has deep blue hair. Boys are posing like professional models during a photoshoot.

Check out BTS Love Yourself Her concept photo V set here.

In the second E set, members also appear in colorful stylish outfits. But this time, instead of a house background. BTS members are hanging out in arcade games hall. Boys are posing with video game machines. As always, the visuals of Bangtan boys are exceptional, which they proved yet again in this photoshoot.

Check out BTS Love Yourself Her Concept Photo E set here. 

Prior to that, BTS has released Mini Drama series poster teasers. Then, Highlight Reel video trailers for the same drama series, which is a special project, that will continue up to 2018, as previously reported.

Later on, BTS started a mysterious countdown on their website, which was followed by a release of the Love Yourself Her album Intro Serendipity teaser, performed by BTS member Jimin.

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