BTS Come Back Home MV Remake For Seo Taiji And Boys 25th Anniversary

BTS Come Back Home MV Remake For Seo Taiji And Boys 25th Anniversary

BTS celebrate Seo Taiji and Boys 25th anniversary

On July 5, 2017, BTS 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene) released their remake MV titled Come Back Home.

This is for a current project, which is being described as a 25th anniversary project for Seo Taiji and Boys.

The audio was released on July 4 through the music platform Melon and featured all members using either vocals or rap.

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The reactions from BTS fandom ARMY were extremely positive 

“So catchy”

“This is pretty awesome”

BTS finally released their long awaited MV Come Back Home

First of all, the MV was filled with different locations and mixed colours.

While, the opening for the MV is quite bright with only the main lead guy appearing in a forest, one very special effect was used making the MV appear older.

The MV changes to various sets, where many lead characters are showing different careers. The scenes are linked to previous BTS MV’s such as Boy in Luv, I Need You and Danger. The ability to highlight two different generations with the theme Youth.

The lead girl is seen in a simple two piece attire surrounded by strobe lighting within a boxed room symbolising loneliness. The scene is covered by a slight blue tint special effect, giving the MV softness.

Moreover, we see the main lead running through a tunnel, which appears to be the set from BTS Run MV. This could be a symbol for freedom.

Finally, the song is a mix between old school and new. It’s much edgier and has the BTS sound. The beginning of the song has high vocals from Jin, which sets the tone throughout.

Seo Taiji went on to reveal a huge announcement

BTS will be performing Come Back Home for the first time at the 25th anniversary Seo Taiji and Boys concert on September 2.

In addition, the song Come Back Home peaked #1 on NAVER chart within the first few hours from release.

In case you are curious what the original version of Come Back Home by Seo Taiji And Boys sounds like check it out here

What’s your opinion on BTS Come Back Home MV Remake?

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