B1A4 Comeback Rollin MV Teaser Is Released

B1A4 Comeback Rollin MV Teaser

B1A4 drops Rollin Music Video Teaser

On September 23, Midnight KST Kpop boy group B1A4 under WM Entertainment released a music video teaser for the title track Rollin from their upcoming album.

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Their 7th mini album of same name Rollin will be released on September 25, 2017, 6PM KST.

Meanwhile, B1A4 finally unveiled the video teaser for an upcoming MV

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Boys are seen wearing stylish casual outfits. They are enjoying vast land and the sea in Sydney, Australia, where they filmed an MV. The teaser gives off a short movie vibe and the background sound helps build the tension. One of the members keeps falling down and levitating in the air, meanwhile others are running.

B1A4 Comeback Rollin MV Teaser

The song Rollin is written, composed and arranged by member Jinyoung himself and Baro also took part in the writing of the lyrics. The song is said to represent a loving heart falling for someone. It expresses the complicated feelings of love. And it’s supposed to show B1A4′ different vibe.

B1A4 Comeback Rollin MV Teaser

The comeback is said to show the group in new colors. Previously, they shared an album highlight medley and all the songs indeed give off a more mature vibe. Nevertheless, it still kept that unique sound only B1A4 has.

Prior to the release of this teaser B1A4 posted a comeback schedule and revealed several image teasers followed by the album highlight medley. We still have one more image teaser to expect on September 24th. And afterwards, the MV will be released on September 25th, 6PM KST, just like the album.

Also, looking at netizen response to the MV teaser, it is clear that B1A4 is truly Korea’s national group. Boys have a huge following in Korea, which is proven by the majority of comments being in Korean, despite the fact, that Korea residents normally prefer other platforms to YouTube. International BANAs aren’t falling behind on expressing their excitement, however.

Good luck to B1A4 on their upcoming promotions.

Did you get a mysterious feeling after watching B1A4 Comeback Rollin MV Teaser?

Source: OSEN

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