AKMU Comeback Dinosaur Is Like Honey To Your Ears

Watch AKMU Comeback Dinosaur MV here

Akdong Musician release their first single album Summer Episode

On July 20, 2017, Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션, also known as AKMU) returned with their first single album titled Summer Episode with double title tracks – Dinosaur and My Darling.

This comeback is showing more of a childlike vibe. Dark colours with mostly black and blue were used throughout, which matched the MV theme.

The reactions from fans expressed excitement

“It’s my new jam”
“I love them so much”
“Slayed by this comeback”

Akdong Musician finally releases Summer Episode MV for Dinosaur

First of all, the MV is filled with dark colours and special effects.

We see Lee Chanhyuk riding his bike through a small town alone carrying a bag filled with books about Dinosaurs and a camera, which represents the life of young students.

The MV changes to Lee Soohyun playing with her hamster, a special effect is used we see bubbles appear through a vent, which then surrounds Soohyun.

Then, the MV switches to the pair running through an empty beach, which could represent freedom within youth.

Chanhyuk and Soohyun are seen walking through the dark forest and a special effect Dinosaur appears through the shadows. Also, the scene is covered in a white glow after effect.

Meanwhile, the MV shows Soohyun and Chanhyuk watching the ocean, waiting for the Dinosaur to appear. The scene changes and it seems to all be Chanhyuk’s dream.

Finally, the song is a contrast of upbeat and acoustic. The different elements of EDM used throughout are very catchy and different to the style of Akdong Musician.

Akdong Musician went on to release My Darling

Moreover, Akdong Musician also released the second title track My Darling. The song features acoustic sounds and a catchy opening and the mix of voices work well with each other.

Previously, Akdong Musician released a Winter theme album with the title track Last Goodbye.

Akdong Musician had a special showcase for Summer Episode on Naver VLive App

Furthermore, the pair went on to host their own VLive showcase for the album Summer Episode. Akdong Musician performed songs from the new mini album, such as Dinosaur and My Darling. Of course, the crowd and fans watching on VLive App sang along to Dinosaur.

The pair revealed they won’t be promoting the new single on music shows.

Additionally, the song Dinosaur peaked at #1 on Genie, Bugs, Naver and Soribada charts within just a few hours of release.

What’s your opinion on the new AKMU Comeback Dinosaur?

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