Actor Kim Woobin Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Actor Kim Woobin Was Diagnosed With Cancer

On May 24th, it came to light, that Korean actor Kim Woobin was diagnosed with cancer and has temporarily suspended his activities.

Kim Woobin announced to his fans, that he has Nasopharyngeal cancer.

Nasopharyngeal cancer or nasopharyngeal carcinoma is an uncommon type of head and nape cancer, that starts in your throat, behind the nose, in the area called nasopharynx. The nasopharynx is placed at the base of your skull, above the roof of your mouth. Your nostrils open into the nasopharynx. Read more about this disease at WebMD.

On May 24th Kim Woobin’s agency SidusHQ addressed the issue to all concerned fans.

“Many people seem to be concerned and worried. For everyone, that’s concerned we feel it is right to inform about Kim Woobin’s condition at the moment.”
Kim Woobin – “I felt abnormal symptoms in my body , so I visited the hospital, and I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.”

“Fortunately, it is discovered at early stages and it’s treatable, so we have started medication and radiation therapy.” “I will focus on treatment first and look forward to being healthy again, so please pray for a quick recovery.”

As a result the production of movie “Wiretap” (도청), that was set for this summer, is likely to be postponed.

Meanwhile, nasopharyngeal cancer is a tumor of the nasopharynx. One in 100,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with it. Because of the difficulty of surgical approach and relatively good response to radiation therapy, radiation therapy is usually performed.

Symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma include nodules on the neck and a runny nose with blood.

Kim Woobin, born  on July 16, 1989, is a South Korean model turned actor. His career begun as a runway model. Later, he debuted as an actor in the television series “White Christmas. He came into the spotlight after taking part in a drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” (2012), and started to gain popularity with “School 2013” (2013-2013) and “The Heirs” (2013). Later, Kim Woobin starred in such box office hit films as “Friend: The Great Legacy” (2013), “The Con Artists” (2014) and “Twenty” (2015). In 2016, Kim Woobin got his first leading role in a TV drama “Uncontrollably Fond”, together with Suzy Bae.

After hearing that Kim Woobin was diagnosed with cancer, many netizens cheered actor on by saying they’ll wait and pray for him.

We wish Kim Woobin a speedy recovery!

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