5 English Covers By Day6 That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Band

Day6 Photoshoot for TenAsia Magazine

photo: TenAsia Magazine

Yet again talented Korean band Day6 under JYP Entertainment has surprised us with their comeback presenting a beautiful and unique musical piece called “아 왜(I Wait)”  and we wish them good luck with following promotions but this time we would like to focus on 5 English covers by this band.

Often times it seems people are sleeping on Day6 amazing work. We would like to introduce some of their releases you might be unfamiliar with and trust us, you would regret not listening to those amazing songs.

Band has made many covers to lots of western and Korean songs always adding something special…making it their own, unique – Day6 sound.

Today we would like to share 5 English covers of popular Korean songs this band has rewritten and rearranged themselves and results came out surprisingly great.

Rearranged and rewritten English cover of BIGBANG’s ”Bad Boy”

Who would expect Bigbang‘s classic song ”Bad Boy” to sound so soothing rearranged into a band version and especially to sound so good in English? This wasn’t an easy challenge but they completed it and we give them 10/10.


Rearranged and rewritten English cover of Crush’s “Sofa”

Yet another surprisingly great band version.


Rearranged and rewritten English cover of Wonder Girls’s “Like This”

This time they rearranged their fellow senior JYP Entertainment girl group’s popular song.



 Rearranged and rewritten English cover of 2AM’s ”This Song”

Another former JYP Entertainment ballad group’s debut song living a new life through Day6‘s cover

Rearranged and rewritten English cover of OKDAL’s ”Well Done Again My Friend”

This one is so beautifully peaceful and soothing you want to listen to it on repeat for hours and even if you had the worst day ever, Day6 will make it okay with this amazing cover.

Hopefully we will hear even more amazing English covers by Day6 in the future so look out to what they have yet to offer us and support them during their promotions in the meantime.

DAY6(데이식스) “아 왜(I Wait)” M/V

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