2017 SEVENTEEN Project Chapter 2 SVT Leaders Drop Change Up MV

Watch 2017 Seventeen Project Chapter 2 – SVT Leaders Change Up MV here

SEVENTEEN Sub-unit Leaders drops Change Up MV

Seventeen recently revealed the continuation of the “2017 SEVENTEEN Project”.

The unit Leaders’ MV Change Up started the series of sub-unit releases by SEVENTEEN. Album “Al1“, which they released back in May, is now declared to be the Chapter 1 of the series. Meanwhile, SVT Leaders unit, consisting of members Hoshi, S.Coups and Woozi, continued the project with their recent release, which is the Chapter 2 of the project.

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Then, the Hip-Hop team, Performance team and the Vocal team will provide a prequel to “Al1” with “Before Al1“. Series of Music Videos will be provided for all four of these singles.

The first release from the series by the sub unit called SVT Leaders is an MV for a song Change Up, which is a mix of Trap, EDM, Pop music and R&B.

2017 SEVENTEEN Project Chapter 2

When the sub-unit projects are over, Seventeen is promised to have a comeback with the new album. The date and details, including the name are still a secret.

Last September 17, at midnight KST, the group dropped a teaser detailing the continuation of their “2017 SEVENTEEN project”.

2017 SEVENTEEN project schedule:


According to 2017 SEVENTEEN Project schedule, the music videos will be released for several group’s sub units. The first one was Al1 album, released back in May. Then on, 2017 SEVENTEEN Project Chapter 2 was unveiled through SVT Leaders sub-unit with Change Up MV, released on September 25. Next one in line is Chapter 0.5. Which is going to be Hip-Hop team’s MV, set for release on October 2. It is now labeled “Before Al1“, meaning it’s a prequel to their previous album. Afterwards, on October 9, Performance team will follow with a release of their MV, which is currently also labeled Chapter 0.5 “Before Al1”. Last but not least, Vocal team sub-unit will hit us with an MV on October 16 and it’s also titled the same. Finally, the Project will end with the album release, which is reportedly set for release later this year.

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